If you would like to be a sponsor at one or more of Interchange Unplugged events or need additional information about sponsorship options, please contact Jeni McSkimming, Field Marketing Manager EMEA West.

MarXtar is an International software solutions and services team comprised entirely of end user experts, providing client focused consulting, a unique mentorship program, and specialty products to enhance Ivanti solutions.

Since MarXtar was established in 2008, we have been providing best practice expertise to an International audience. Our strong management team have over 25 years experience as specialists in Systems and Service Management tools and technologies. Renowned for excellence, MarXtar combines best of breed vendor partners with our own developed software to enhance and extend the reach of traditional Systems and Service Management. We believe the solution must fit the need and success is not simply measured by the completion of the initial project, but by the ongoing productivity of the solution.

At MarXtar we have the experience to serve but we are small enough to care. Our customers are our partners, so your success is our success.


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