Interchange Live!—See the Power of Unified IT in Action

Interchange 2019 is set to deliver another invigorating keynote experience where virtually anything can happen (and usually does). Join Ivanti Chief Marketing Officer Steve Morton for another round of lively interviews, demos, laughter, and surprises with Ivanti executives, partners, customers, industry analysts, and a very special closing guest speaker.

This year, Interchange Live! will feature:

  • Ivanti CEO Steve Daly, who will share the latest on Ivanti’s vision for Unified IT, outline Ivanti’s ambitious cloud strategy, and discuss Ivanti’s approach for enabling and accelerating the transformation of your IT organisation.
  • Ivanti CTO Tom Davis and VP of Product Management Duane Newman, who will showcase the latest advances in Ivanti’s expanding technology portfolio. This includes the progress and expansion of Ivanti Cloud, the potential of Real-time Incident Management, and the addition of new advanced automation and machine learning capabilities to the Ivanti portfolio.
  • Partner and customer guests, who will play an even more central role in demos and discussions as they share their perspectives and experiences working with Ivanti to transform their IT organisations.
  • Forrester Principal Analyst Martha Bennett, who will explore the profound impact of emerging technologies on the IT industry, including blockchain, business intelligence, analytics, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • An inspiring, thought provoking closing address by Pablos Holman, a renowned hacker, inventor, entrepreneur

Don’t miss your chance to experience all this important content in a format that’s always fresh and never boring. Make sure you’re in your seat at least 15 minutes before each keynote begins on Tuesday and Wednesday for a chance to win an Oculus Go VR headset in our Early Bird raffles.

And finally, stick around for a chance to win our €2,500 Power Up Sports Vacation drawing. We’ll announce the finalists and watch them compete on stage for the Grand Prize right after Pablos Holman’s closing keynote.

See the World Differently with Pablos Holman

Interchange 2019 will end on an unforgettable note with a special address by Pablos Holman, a renowned hacker, inventor, entrepreneur, and futurist who sees the world differently than most people. As an inventor at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, Pablos is on a lifelong quest to solve the world’s biggest problems through innovation and technology. In the past few years, he has helped develop a machine that suppresses hurricanes, a device for shooting down malaria-carrying mosquitos with laser beams, and 3D food printers, just to name a few. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the power of technology to solve existential problems and improve the human condition.

Don’t Miss These Exciting Speakers

Steve Daly
Steve DalyIvanti CEO & Chairman of the Board
Steve Morton
Steve MortonIvanti Chief Marketing Officer
Tom Davis
Tom DavisIvanti Executive Vice President & CTO
Duane Newman
Duane NewmanIvanti Vice President Product Management
 Martha Bennett
Martha BennettForrester Principal Analyst serving CIO Professionals

Martha serves CIOs and other tech leaders, helping them understand the impact of emerging technologies on their business. Martha provides in-depth coverage of blockchain technology and business intelligence (BI), as well as analytics and artificial intelligence at a strategic level. In her blockchain research, Martha focuses on demystifying this emerging technology, helping CIOs and strategy teams identify appropriate use cases and navigate the broad ecosystem of startups and established providers offering software and services. In her BI research, Martha analyzes the effect of emerging technologies and business pressures on the way BI capabilities are managed and delivered, and she helps CIOs and their business partners develop data and analytics strategies fit for the digital age.

Check out the highlights from the 2018 keynotes below.

Opening Keynote

Day 2 Keynote