REPORTING: How to Get the Answers You Need from Ivanti Service Manager

This session will help you develop the questions you need to ask when trying to report on your ISM solution. It will focus on how you can develop powerful reporting results from ISM by combining all the key reporting elements, at an advanced level. The aim is to highlight a solution that can work within the “cloud” and “on premise” within the product and without the need to access the database directly.

TOPICS:  Deep searches, Dashboard Extras, Analytics and Rapid Reports.

TIMES OFFERED:   Monday, 11 March at 10:00, Wednesday, 13 March at 10:30

AUTOMATION: How to Build an “Automation Mouse Trap” in Ivanti Service Manager

Learn how to build on the automation capabilities within ISM to understand and design a unified process. This will be demonstrated by bringing together all the key elements of quick actions, business rule triggers and workflows into a combined process, allowing you to see the power and capabilities of the product. The aim will be to highlight how small elements can, when combined, become more powerful, but easier to maintain or enhance.

TOPICS:  Quick Actions, Templates, Business Rule Triggers and Workflows

TIMES OFFERED:   Monday, 11 March at 13:00, Tuesday, 12 March at 17:00

SECURITY: How to Feel Secure Within Your Ivanti Service Manager’s Skin

Security – do you know enough about the ISM security model and what you might be missing? This session will highlight the true depths of the security offered and how you can use it to control an ISM instance, hence reducing the need to program the system behaviour within forms, lists or layouts. The security granularity has a real impact on how the product will help you provide different experiences for your different audiences, while still being manageable.

TOPICS:  Roles, Workspaces and Data Segregation

TIMES OFFERED:   Monday, 11 March at 16:00, Tuesday, 12 March at 14:30

DESIGN: How to Go Deeper with Design

The “Dark side of Design”– what else could I do to get the most from ISM when building and enhancing my solution? This is an opportunity to get deeper into the design of both forms or lists and see what you may have been missing. Learn more about the use of controls, as well as tips about how to produce great visual results. With a deeper understanding, you can enhance your users’ experience and provide them with better on-screen results.

TOPICS:  Forms, Lists, Controls, Layouts and Styles

TIMES OFFERED:   Tuesday, 12 March at 9:30, Wednesday, 13 March at 14:30