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Once again, Interchange 2018 is ready to embrace and expand the proud tradition of unconventional “unkeynotes,” where virtually anything can happen (and usually does). Join host Steve Morton and the Interchange Live! Band for another round of lively interviews, demos, laughter, and surprises with Ivanti executives, partners, customers, and a remarkably special closing guest speaker.

Don’t Miss the Closing Keynote: Pablos Holman

Thursday, May 17th, 1:15 pm

Be sure to stick around for the Thursday afternoon closing keynote and you could win our fabulous grand prize.

Pablos Holman is a notorious hacker, inventor, entrepreneur, and technology futurist who looks at the world differently than most people, and is on a quest to solve the world’s problems through technology innovation. Hackers have minds that are optimized for discovery—violating warranties and our instinct about what is possible with new technologies.

Pablos has a unique ability to articulate practical visions for the future of technology. At the Intellectual Ventures Lab, he has worked on a brain surgery tool, a machine to suppress hurricanes, a self-sterilizing elevator button, a cure for cancer, a gun that shoots laser beams at malaria-carrying mosquitos, and 3D food printers. He has contributed to visions for the future of urban transportation, entertainment, education, health care, food delivery, sensor networks, payment systems, and cloud computing.

Previously, Pablos helped build spaceships, the world’s smallest PC, artificial-intelligence agent systems, and the Hackerbot—a robot that can steal passwords on a Wi-Fi network. He has informed and entertained audiences at world-renowned technology summits, including the World Economic Forum at Davos. His TEDtalk has over 10 million views.


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Don’t leave early! Experience this fascinating closing keynote and your chance to win our grand prize giveaway!

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